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OK, youíve read "About Me" and now youíve got questions.  You're probably wondering, what can I do for you?  How much will it cost?  What information will I need to provide?  I'm here and you're there (a gazillion miles away) can you still help me?  Let me answer your questions one at a time, starting with cost.

How Much Will It Cost?

I charge the same rate, $60 per hour, for all my work, whether consulting with you about yourself or your pet, performing human or animal massage, hands-on energy work, or Feng Shui design.  Consultations can be done over the phone, by email or in-person.  A typical consultation takes one hour, although some complex cases may require more time.  Once I know more about your situation and needs, I can give you a realistic time estimate.

If you desire an appointment at your location and live outside the Clear Lake, Texas area; there will be an additional charge for travel time.  If that appointment necessitates overnight travel, I will charge for travel and lodging expenses and these expenses will need to be paid in advance.

If you live in the Clear Lake area and want to make an appointment for yourself or your animal at my location, please call first to make an appointment.  I absolutely can not accept any walk-ins.

Normally I don't charge a minimum fee.  For example, if you call and we talk for 20 minutes, I will charge you only $20.  However, there are several exceptions to my no minimum policy, as follows:

1) Consultation & Services at your location - By appointment only.  I charge a minimum of $60 (one hour's time) for any in-person appointments when I must travel to your location.

2) Email Consultations - Email is a wonderful new technology. The big positive of an email consultation is that you have all of my recommendations in writing and you can refer to them again and again as desired.  The negative side is that it takes much more time  to type than to talk.  Technically I do not charge a minimum; but in actuality, almost any email consultation will take at least one hour (a cost of $60).   One additional negative - email doesn't readily allow for interactive banter back and forth with questions and answers.

What Information Will I Need?

To help me get the "big picture" I will need some basic information about you or your animal.  To save time and money, please give me the following information.

1) Patient's (your animal or yourself) name, weight, age, sex, description and color (if pet).  A photo (email or snail-mail) would be great.

2) Veterinarian or doctor's diagnosis.  

3) Current diet (food - description and brand currently eating, how much, how often, snacks and treats.

4) Dates of last vaccinations and what types.

5) Any current medications and supplements being used.

6) Overall health description.

7) Write down questions - it's easy to forget something once we start talking.

I'm Here And You're There - Can You Still Help Me?

No problem.  I can consult with you either by phone or email.  Although I can not give a long distance massage, I can perform energy work and Reiki long distance.  Now to some of you this may sound a bit strange; but as they say, "the proof is in the pudding".  I believe it can be done and I have seen positive results.  If we determine that is what you need, be open minded, give it a try and judge for yourself.


When you agree to use my services, you are also agreeing to not hold me liable if my recommendations do not help or don't work the way you hope they would.  Wow, that sounds pretty heavy!  I am not saying this because my services are dangerous.  In fact, I follow the same philosophy as most medical care professionals Ė first, do no harm.  I just want you to realize that nothing is 100% effective even under the best of circumstances.  Sometimes animals are in the winter of their lives and it's time for them to move on.  This is a sad event but an inevitable part of life.  If this is the case, there are things I can recommend for helping both the animal and their human friend with this transition.  Animals leave the physical body but I believe their spirit stays with us.  (coming soon - See "Grey Guy & Rugger" on the Case Histories & Customer Testimonials page.)

And Now, What Can I Do For You?

What can I do for you?  Well, it really depends on your individual situation.  Everyone is different and each appointment or consultation is unique.

If you live nearby in my area, we can arrange a face-to-face meeting.  I can do hands-on work and even give a full body massage to either you or your animal companion.  I have worked with a variety of animals and their owners.  

Otherwise, I'll begin each case with a consultation by phone or email, where Iíll ask questions and gather information about your particular need.  Please be sure to have your information and questions ready as this will save you time and money.  If you want to discuss a general holistic approach to health maintenance, no diagnosis is needed.  In all other cases, I will need your veterinarianís diagnosis for your animal companion or your doctorís diagnosis if you are seeking help for yourself.  By law, I can not and will not diagnose.  Only veterinarians and physicians are allowed to diagnose.  Given a valid diagnosis, I can recommend a holistic approach to complement the treatment recommended by your veterinarian or physician.  

With each client, I start with nutrition.  This is the fuel for the body and it's a very important part of the total healthy body.  In a lot of cases, simply adjusting the diet will correct all the problems.  In other cases I will recommend some holistic/alternative therapies and techniques (i.e., color therapy, acupressure, homeopathy, EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique, magnet therapy, etc.).  

Finally, I may recommend particular nutritional or healthcare products.  The products that I recommend are those that I have tested and used on myself and my animals.  I am continually researching and trying new products.  If I recommend a particular product brand, it's not just because I carry that brand.  I am very selective and carry many different products and pick the best from each brand.  I use and recommend these products because Iíve had success with them and know I get results.  I'm not just trying to "push" and sell you product.  The goal is to use the best product for your particular need.  You can purchase these brands from me (Products page coming soon), or feel free to purchase your products elsewhere.  Just keep in mind that different brands of the same product may have vastly different potencies and effectiveness.

Healing is a team effort that involves God, me, the animals and the people that love them.   Being a degreed designer, Iíve always said, "God is the best designer I know!"  The animal and human body are magnificent creations that have the potential to heal themselves.  Please let me know how I can assist you.

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Candace R. Wingo, L.M.T., C.A.T.

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